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Enjoy the "King of the Hill" view of the countryside from this 1890 farmhouse. A restored 1900 granary on the property includes an indoor sitting area and a porch that beckons guests to sit and enjoy the peaceful setting. Located midway between Horicon Marsh and the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest. 

The guest rooms are named for two nearby country roads: Spring Valley and Golden Corners. Spring Valley, the larger room, is furnished with a queen bed and a twin bed. A 1906 family heirloom fainting couch accents the room. Golden Corners is furnished with a double bed. Vintage family photographs decorate the walls. Braided rugs complement the antique decor. The Guest Nest, a cozy sitting room, provides a perfect place to read and relax.
We've Retired. Thanks to all our past guests for visiting. Members of the
Wisconsin Bed & Breakfasts
B&B Organization